We are Better because:

We don’t have a time limit on our contracts

♦ We don’t charge any fees or operations cover

♦ We protect our clients by offering them right of first offer, and tag along

Our approach: How Can We Offer Such Low Prices

We have a long track record of working in Asia and contacts with the Asian producers of the mining hardware.

We Purchase in large orders that reduces the prices further.

We operate other businesses in distant jurisdictions that enjoy favorable energy costs, and leveraged our contacts and know how to tailor this special offer for our clients.

The recent decrease in prices opened a window to add more equipment.
Our proprietary software allows to increase productivity per energy unit.

We are fully automated.

Quick, Simple and Easy

Step 1

Decide how many units you want to purchase.

Step 2

Open an account with us by signing the purchase agreement and paying the purchase price.

Step 3

Open your own, private, secure digital wallet here: https://www.myetherwallet.com

(We can help or do this for you, as well as manage your wallet for you as a service, for a small fee)

and That's It !

You are ready to go. We will send your coins to your private wallet every month.

Register Now! for our limited pre sale coming soon!

No work, no hassle, all your money in your wallet every month.

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